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Speaker Engagements

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I'm excited to offer my expertise as a featured guest speaker, panelist or podcast guest on topics related to technology career advancement.  With a deep understanding of the ever-evolving tech industry, I am committed to empowering individuals and organizations with the knowledge and strategies to thrive in this digital age.  

As a featured guest speaker, I deliver dynamic presentations that delve into key aspects of technology career advancement, including emerging trends, skill development, and navigating professional challenges.

As a panelist, I bring a unique perspective to discussions, fostering engaging conversations on topics such as leadership in tech, diversity and inclusion, and future-proofing careers.

As a podcast guest, I am passionate about sharing actionable insights and practical advice to help listeners unlock their full potential in the tech field.

Take a look at the catalog of presentations and workshops I have provided in the past. I’m happy to present these topics or work with you to develop material tailored to your audience.

Here is a sample of presentations and workshops I have provided in the past.


For clients who require a guest speaker for either a single event or multi-session program


It was great having you speak to our mentors today! They had positive reviews of the presentation and really had some powerful takeaways! Thank you!

Engagement Sponsor

Keep going! You are a great speaker and technology career coach with a lot of business acumen. You know how to share your expertise so that it brings value to an audience.

Podcast Host / Interviewer


Get started today!

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