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Job Searching

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Are you feeling lost in the competitive world of job searching? Are you struggling to secure interviews or stand out from the crowd? I can help you unlock your potential and ace your job search by guiding you to gain the skills and confidence needed to secure the job you envision.

Job searching involves a wide range of skills and strategies. Services provided cover all aspects of the job search process from crafting a compelling CV materials and optimizing your LinkedIn profile, to developing your personal brand and mastering interviewing techniques. 

Scheduling is on request, and flexible to meet your needs and availability


For those looking to develop a strategy to secure their first or next position


Your advice on boosting self-assurance and honing my presentation skills to various degrees enabled me to succeed.

Private Client

Deb immediately makes you feel comfortable to share all your personal and professional goals. She took the time to understand my background and ambitions before setting the right strategy for my career.

Private Client

Her perspective and experience on working in the industry as a professional helped me look at things in a different way. With help from Deb I was able to prepare a solid plan to advance my career & the tasks I need to accomplish. I definitely would reach out to her in future for advice and perspective.

Private Client


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