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Corporate Talent Development

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I’m delighted to partner with you to offer individual or group coaching to your employees, provide leadership workshops, or assist you in the creation of a talent development or mentoring program. With a strong focus on empowering individuals and teams, I am committed to help them reach their full potential while bringing greater value to your organization.

As an individual or group coach, I provide personalized guidance and support, helping your employees develop their skills, enhance their leadership abilities, and achieve their career goals.  

As a workshop speaker, I deliver engaging and interactive sessions tailored to your audience in support of your organization’s goals.

Here is a sample of presentations and workshops I have provided in the past.


For organizations searching to provide coaching services or to build coaching or mentoring programs in alignment with their corporate talent development strategy

Additionally, I have extensive experience to design, implement and manage talent development and mentoring programs addressing the unique needs and objectives of your organization.

By partnering together, we can create a comprehensive and impactful talent development strategy that brings value to your organization by cultivating a culture of continuous learning.  Let’s work together to unlock the potential within  the teams of your organization and foster a thriving workforce.

Career Advancement I

For professionals searching for strategies around  on-going career advancement.

Getting from Here to There

Career Advancement II

For professionals looking to add value-added activities as a career advancement strategy.

Bringing Value

Career Advancement III


For professional looking to leverage an innovative mindset to bring value to their team, department, company and/or customer.

Cultivating An Innovative Mindset

Self Advocacy


For professionals exploring self-advocacy as an essential service to add value to one’s team, department, and organization.

Bringing your Chair to the Table


It was great having you speak to our mentors today! They had positive reviews of the presentation and really had some powerful takeaways! Thank you!

Engagement Sponsor

Thank you for speaking with us. I learned a lot and am excited to put your techniques to use!

Presentation Attendee


Get started today!

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